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Morkie Pros and Cons
A purebred Yorkshire Terrier bred with a purebred Maltese = a Morkie

Is this a good combination?
Yes... and no.

On the plus side -- Morkies are...
- ADORABLE puppies that grow into ADORABLE dogs
- small size
- varied colours
- great temperament, although a little aggressive

On the not-so-plus side--
- you could end up combining the "worst of" each of the stock breeds - the Yorkie and the Maltese.

According to many experts, Yorkshire Terriers can be willful, making training difficult. They are very territorial - and so can bark a lot. They need tons of human attention.

The Maltese is famously hard to housetrain. They're really not suitable for children because of their very fine bones. Maltese can be finicky eaters and often suffer indigestion. And like the Yorkie, the Maltese is territorial and will bark, even bite, when he feels his family is threatened.

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